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Centre for Nordic Welfare

The establishment of a Northern Dimension within EU concerning public health and social well-being fits very well in the NHV research programme. NHV is gradually becoming a research and knowledge centre for Nordic Welfare. The psycho-social dimensions of health constitute a very active field of research, especially concerning consequences of disability. A research programme on mental health is under organization.


The Nordic Family Lifestyle Workshops
Final report  (in Swedish): Nordiska Livsstilsverkstan. En modell för intersektoriell samverkan mellan föräldrar, förskola, hälsoväsende och forskare - Slutrapport", TemaNord 2013:503




Scientific articles

Alexandra Krettek
Aryal UR, Petzold M, Krettek A. Perceived risks and benefits of cigarette smoking among Nepalese adolescents: a population-based cross-sectional study. BMC Public Health 2013;13(1):187.

Bo Eriksson
Nguyen HT, Eriksson B, Tran TK, Nguyen CT, Ascher H. Birth weight and delivery practice in a Vietnamese rural district during 12 year of rapid economic development. BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2013;13(1):41.

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