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YOUNG and EXPOSED - Good examples of mental health

Venue: NHV, Nordic School of Public Health, Nya Varvet 25, Göteborg, May 5-6, 2011. Organizer: NHV och Nordic Welfare Center (NVC).

Program – Thursday 5.5.2011

Theme: Children and Youth

10.30  Coffee and welcome (In Scandinavian Languages)
The main issues in the Nordic Cooperation connected to the Social
and Health field 2011
Jan-Erik Enestam, Secretary General, the Nordic Council Secretariat 

11.00  Mental health in Europe among young people/school children (In English)
Richard Barker, Professor Emeritus of Children Welfare, Newcastle

12.00  Survey studies about the mental health of children and adolescents in the Nordic countries
(In Scandinavian Languages)
Hanna Augustsson, master in public health, and
Curt Hagquist, Associate Professor in public health, Centre for Research on Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Karlstad University
12.45  Lunch

14.00 - Workshops:

Workshop no. 1 (In Scandinavian Languages)
Workshop leader: Anne Reneflot
Bullying in school – Expressions and measurements
Linda Beckman och Lisa Hellström, PhD students in public health
Centre for Research on Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Karlstad University

Preventive work – in what way are we doing it? Nordic good examples? Who belongs to the risk groups and how to recognize them?

Workshop no. 2 (In Scandinavian Languages)
Workshop leader: Gustaf Skuthälla
Children and adolescents – what can voluntary organizations do for the mental health of children and adolescents? Nina af Hällström, Direktor of Operations, SAMS

Sport organizations etc. in cooperation with municipalities, schools and families? Preventive work in the family for improved mental health, what support does the families get? What are the consequences?

Workshop no. 3 (In English)
Workshop moderator: Maarit Aalto
Persons with disability and mental health problems

Thorsten Afflerbach, Head of the Disability Division, Council of Europe
Young people with disabilities and mental health problems: activities of the Council of Europe

Kerstin Kristensen, Project Manager, The Development Centre Doubly Vulnerable
“A battered woman” - what do you see first, the mental illness or the violence?

16.00  The psychiatry as a creator of loneliness, author Åsa Moberg
(In Scandinavian Languages)

17.00  End of the day

19.00  Dinner

Program - Friday 6.5.2011

Theme: Young - Adults

8.30  Mental health problems among youths – what does the Nordic youth study show? (In Scandinavian Languages)
Curt Hagquist, Associate Professor in public health, Centre for Research on Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Karlstad University 

9.30  Mental health among the young people in Germany and Europe (In English)
Ulrike Ravens-Sieberer, prof. and Fionna Klasen, Dr., Child Public Health, Hamburg

10.30  Coffee break

11.00  A knowledge-based policy for a better future? (In Scandinavian Languages)
Lennart Levi, MD, PhD, Emeritus Professor of Psychosocial Medicine

11.45  Panel Discussion: New trends – New future (In Scandinavian Languages)
Sigurdsteinn Masson, Chair of Gedhjalp, IS
Eva Ringwall, Åland
Mikael Sandlund, M.D. Ph.D., Assoc. Prof. Department of Clinical Sciences Umeå University,
Viveca Arrhenius, Ministerial Counsellor, Department for Promotion of Welfare and Health, Fi

12.45  Lunch and coffee

13.45 - Workshops:

Workshop no. 4 (In English)
Workshopleader: Maarit Aalto
The healing power of inclusion
“There are no deals in the health care system that can help to nurture self-esteem and the sense of personal value in the same way as having a job” (quotation prof. of psychiatry Erik Falkum)

Young – Adults mental health and transition to adult life – Work Inclusion-project.
Maarit Aalto, project manager
Ole Johnny Hansen, Project manager, NVC 

Workshop no. 5 (In Scandinavian Languages)
Workshop leader: Curt Hagquist
Young – Adults
What do I want? What can I do? What influence do I have? Who speaks up for me? Why do some fall behind? What happens in my family?

User influences and rights in mental health/mental illness.
Gun Eklund, relative, Folkhälsan
Leif Berg, Director, Leg. Psychotherapist Leg.psykoterapeut, Relatives support for mental care, Nylands region

Workshop no. 6 (In Scandinavian Languages)
Workshopledare: Gustaf Skuthälla
Young – Adults
Marginalized and alienated – what are the possibilities for inclusion and quality of life
Hege Bakke, projekt leader, The Norwegian Council for Mental Health

15.15  Young and Exposed - Final words, Lars Fredén, Vice Dean, NHV
(In Scandinavian Languages)

15.30  End of the day




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